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How to Style Your Petite Summer Wardrobe

With warmer days ahead, it’s time to start rethinking your wardrobe. Sweaters, scarves, and heavy pants are put aside as shorter hemlines and breezy tops take center stage. But with the new season ahead, you may be wondering how to best utilize these summer styles to complement your petite frame.

For women 5’4” and under, finding fashion that fits can be a challenge. Inseams are often too long, tops can overwhelm, and trends may miss the mark...

Jeans That Celebrate Every Body

Democracy Clothing was founded on the principal of curve equality, which acknowledges that all shapes are different, but created equal. No matter your shape or size, Democracy Jeans designed with “Ab”solution® fit technology are guaranteed to boost your assets and your confidence.

We’re passionate about celebrating women of all shapes and sizes by designing size-inclusive, body-positive fashion with our signature fit technology that molds and holds and flatters your shape in exactly the right wa...

Style Inspired by the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Have you ever thought about using your birth sign as a fashion guide? If you’re looking for fashion inspiration to flesh out your existing wardrobe or discover looks that can help you express your soft-chic side, this is the perfect place to start.

Whether you’re a Cancer or you just admire their cozy yet polished aesthetic, styles inspired by this zodiac sign can help keep you looking and feeling great all season and beyond. The motto for a Cancer is “I feel, therefore I am,”

Become BFF’s With Our “Ab”solution® Fit Technology

Best Friends Day is the perfect time to recognize and show appreciation for the dear friends you have in your life. So, as you head out to a celebratory brunch or prepare for a lowkey evening in, don’t forget about your other BFF who always has your back: our “Ab”solution® fit technology!

Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or wanting to keep comfortable indoors, you know you can count on our jeans, designed with mold-and-hold technology, to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Your Vacation Packing List

It’s that time of year again: planning for your next vacay! Once you narrow down where you want to jet off to this season, the next thing on your to-do list should be figuring out what clothes to pack. Your vacation packing list should include your wallet, toiletries, a good book, and plenty of on-trend styles to see you through every occasion that may arise during your time away.

Whether you’re planning a camping trip with the kids, a relaxing tropical destination vacation, or a sightseeing

Style Inspired by The Zodiac Sign, Gemini

If you’re ever in need of some fashion inspiration, sneaking a peek at the characteristics of your (or someone else’s) zodiac sign could help. Your individual personality makes a huge impact on the way you dress, whether you’re more of a laid-back dresser or love polished precision. Regardless of whether you’re a Gemini or you simply admire another Gemini’s fashion sense, this guide can help you dress like the star sign and express yourself in an entirely new way.

Teacher Appreciation Week: How to Celebrate Our Educators

In the bustling rhythm of our daily lives, there are few roles as crucial and as underappreciated as that of a teacher. From shaping young minds to igniting the flames of curiosity, teachers play an indispensable role in sculpting the future generation. During Teachers Appreciation Week, it’s time to pause, reflect, and extend our gratitude to these unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to education. At Democracy Clothing, we proudly stand with teachers, recognizing the immense value they bring

Style Inspired by The Taurus

Have you ever wondered what your zodiac sign might say about your fashion sense? Everyone’s personalities can play a huge part in the way we dress, from statement staples to laid-back luxe looks. If you’re in need of some wardrobe inspiration, your star sign might be a great place to start.

As a Taurus, you may want to tap into outfits that feel comfortable and look effortlessly put together. This zodiac sign is known to be dependable, loyal, hardworking, sensual, and down-to-earth, so pick up

The Story Behind Our Sustainable Denim

It has never been more important than now to think green when it comes to our fashion choices. And no, we don’t mean the color. Over the last few years, we at Democracy Clothing have committed to being part of the solution in moving toward a sustainable future and making it easier for our customers to do the same.

Through the use of REPREVE® fabrics, we’ve been able to support the decrease in carbon emissions, reduce the amount of non-biodegradable materials in our landfills, and keep you

Spring 2024 Color Trend Report: Bold Bursts of Color

We’re kicking off the season with a must-have color palette! When you think of spring, what comes to mind? Beautiful blooming flowers, vividly colored Easter eggs, and time spent in the sun may be just a few. The most on-trend colors this season embody this essence of spring perfectly.

As we wave goodbye to winter, a clothing refresh may be in order. As you shop the latest trends this season, be sure to keep an eye out for tops in bold colors that add brightness to your look, along with feminine

International Women's Day: How Democracy Clothing Inspires Inclusion

It’s International Women’s Day again, so as we celebrate the important women in our lives, let’s also shine a light on this year’s IWD 2024 campaign theme: Inspire Inclusion. From embracing your own diversity to recognizing and celebrating others’, supporting women and girls in their achievements, and elevating female empowerment, everyone can take part in this important initiative.

There’s so much more we can accomplish when we do it collectively, so raise your voice, do your part

Trend Report: Spring 2024 Tops to Shop

Say hello to spring 2024! Transitional seasons like this call for oh-so-effortless styles that play well with your existing wardrobe and make getting dressed a breeze. From knit tops to woven shirts, there’s so many looks you can create out of just a couple additions to your spring wardrobe.

When it comes to great spring tops, it’s all in the details. From feminine ruffles to pretty embroidery and soft prints, elevated design elements polish your look and add sophistication with ease.

How to Build a Dream Capsule Wardrobe

When you think of a capsule wardrobe, you might think of plain tops and ordinary bottoms to make basic outfits, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The key to a capsule wardrobe is opting for timeless styles that play well with each other, and having enough pieces that you can put any outfit together for any occasion.

Thoughtfully selected items can give your capsule wardrobe all the contemporary style you need year-round. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think outside the box when it

Denim Care 101: Taking Care of Your Democracy Jeans

Your Democracy denim works hard to keep you looking polished and feeling comfortable, so in return, you’ll want to take care of your jeans. While our ultra-stretchy denim is designed to last and provide a perfect fit, following the correct care instructions will yield the longest-lasting results, preventing your denim from fading, shrinking, or tearing.

Whether you’re hoping to keep your indigo Itty Bitty Boot jeans as vibrant as possible or prevent your black cropped flares from developing

Trend Report: 2023 Top Denim Styles

Have you been keeping up with the latest denim trends this year? Jeans have always been a classic go-to that pair well with just about anything, from cozy sweaters to on-trend woven tops. However, denim trends haven’t always been consistent. Throughout the past year alone, we’ve seen an uptick in fashion icons opting for comfortable and chic lose fitting silhouettes over the tighter more restricting fits. A resurgence in vintage 90’s trends, and even an introduction to cool, new hemline details

Democracy Favorites: The 2023 Fall Trends Checklist

The seasons are changing, and you know what that means… Time for a wardrobe refresh! Forget figuring out whether it's an ankle-skimmer or bootcut, short-dress or cozy jacket kind of day. Transitioning into fall fashion has never been more easy. We've curated a hit-list of Democracy's must-haves that make achieving that chic fall look as easy as pumpkin spice lattes. So go ahead, dress to impress this Fall!

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